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HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and Setup

HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection Setup

First, establish the USB connection between your printer and the windows computer. Then, install latest HP Printer Driver Software and utilize USB related features.

USB Connection Setup and Requirements

  1. First, Turn ON your printer device and make sure that the device is at ready and active state. HP recommends you to use the USB cable that of 3m or lesser to complete the HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and Setup.
  2. HP suggests you to connect the cable directly to the USB port; USB hub or docking station might result in some connected related issue.
  3. Unplug the USB cable and reconnect the cable if prompted. After that, enter devices in the Windows search and click Devices and Printers from the resulting window.
  4. Similarly, set the paper type and print quality under the paper/quality tab and set the paper size using the advanced option.
  5. Pick your preferred printer device, right-click on the printer device and then choose remove device to remove multiple printer devices.


HP Printer Driver Installation and Connection Setup

  1. First, open the HP manufacturer’s website and enter the printer’s model number. Follow the On-screen instructions to complete the HP DeskJet 1517 Connection and Setup process.
  2. To install the printer driver, Open the HP Easy start and use the on-screen instructions to complete the printer setup process.
  3. If prompted, choose USB as the connection type and complete the printer setup process.
  4. On the Other hand, if the manufacturer fails to list your printer device then use the "Let’s Identify your Product to get started" option and enter your printer’s model number.
  5. Use the change option to change the printer’s operating system. Then, click download under the driver heading to get full software package.
  6. Click Basic Drivers to get more driver related options. If prompted, choose USB as the Connection type and complete the printer setup process.
  7. Finally, check the printer’s functionality with the print, scan or fax option.

Troubleshooting Instructions - HP Printer Not Found During USB Setup

  1. To avoid USB connectivity issue, restart your computer and printer device and try to fix the HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and setup related issue.
  2. Then, unplug and reconnect the USB cable to re-establish the printer and Computer Connection.
  3. If the issue is still not resolved, try connecting the USB cable to the different USB port on the computer device.
  4. Instead of Using USB hub or Docking station, HP recommends you to connect the USB cable directly to the computer device.
  5. If the issue is still not resolved, use a different USB cable that is of length less than 3 meters and resolve the HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and setup related issue. Finally, disconnect the Unused USB devices as the device might not have enough power for all the USB ports.

USB Device Not Detected

  1. First, Turn Off the computer and printer device. Wait for a while, Turn ON your printer and computer device and check the device’s status.
  2. Open the Device Manager Window and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers list. After that, Double-click USB Root hub and click the power properties tab.
  3. The properties tab lists you the attached devices with the power requirements. It is not recommended to use the printer device that consumes more than 500 mA.
  4. Besides that, check and remove the devices that consumes more power than the available power.
  5. Following that, plug in the USB device and wait for about 5 seconds. If the issue is still not resolved, unplug the USB cables that is of length larger than 3 meters.
  6. After that, use the USB port on the computer device instead of the USB port in the keyboard. Try connecting the USB device into different USB port and reinstall the USB driver software.
  7. If the issue is still not resolved, get the manufacturer’s support and solve the HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and Setup issue.

123 HP DeskJet 1517 USB Connection and Setup- Memory Card Reader

  1. You can resolve the USB card reader problem by restarting the computer device. First, insert the memory card when the reader is not flashing.
  2. After a while, it automatically opens the Auto play window. On the Other hand, you can manually open them by browsing through the window explorer.
  3. In general, every memory card has a driver letter associated with it and it has same working process as the thumb drive, CD-ROM drive and floppy drive.
  4. Access the memory card just like you work with the other drive on the computer device. Double-click the memory card and open the CompactFlash Card Window.
  5. After working with the memory card, right-click the memory card icon and choose eject. Wait for a while, your memory card gets into inactive mode and stop flashing.

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