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Print a network configuration page

Print a network configuration page

The information given below to print the network configuration page which will help you to setup the wireless connection and many others. To initialize the 123 HP DeskJet 3633 network configurations, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Printing a Network Configuration page

Check whether you have setup the 123 HP DeskJet 3633 network driver properly. Turn on the HP DeskJet 3633 printer and the computer. Check whether you have connected the printer and computer on the same wireless network. Get rid of superfluous hindrances between the computer and the printer

Press the wireless button and the information button simultaneously to get a printout of the network configuration page and wireless network test report pages.

Print a Wireless Network Test Report

The wireless network test report comprises of information like printer status, MAC address and the IP address which will lend a hand while you build up your network.

When your HP DeskJet 3633 printer is hooked up on the network, the wireless network test report also exhibits about the network settings.

Click Wireless button and the information button simultaneously to print a wireless network test report. Both the Wireless Network test report and network configuration page print.

Printing a Print quality Diagnostic page

Print a Print Quality Diagnostic Page which helps you to spot the foundation of the concern, if you are experiencing printer quality concerns.

Open or find the HP folder in your Windows computer. Click the HP DeskJet 3633 printer folder and name to open the HP Printer Assistant software. Click Print & ScanMaintain Your Printer in the windows computer system to carry on to the subsequent steps.

If you see the HP toolbox opening in your computer screen, proceed to print the quality page prints. Click Device ServicesPrint Quality Diagnostics Page

To print a printer status report

Product information, connectivity settings and scan setting are some of the important information available in the printer status report. There is some general information about the printer. Print and hold the cancel button for three seconds to print the Printer Status Report.

To print a Test page

If you want to know about the HP DeskJet 3633 printer functions, print a test page. The hardware functionalities and information regarding the hardware are available in the test page.

  1. Check whether you have inserted or placed the U.S letter or A4 size, unused, plain paper in the main input tray.
  2. Press and hold the power button and click the Cancel Initially let go of the Cancel button and then let go of the power button. HP DeskJet 3633 network printing can be easily done by tagging along the information underneath.
  3. You will notice the test page printing in your printer. Use the information that is in the test page for your printer hardware functionality. This is how you get 123 HP DeskJet 3633 configuration page printed
  4. The 123 HP DeskJet 3633 configuration is also available in the test page, make use of it.
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