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123 HP DeskJet 6940 Printer Connectivity methods

HP DeskJet 6940 Printer Connectivity methods
  1. HP DeskJet 6940 printers can be connected in many ways. You can access the printer using the HP deskjet 6940 USB connection or HP deskjet 6940 Wireless network connection or wired network connection. It doesn’t matter in which method you are using to connect.
  2. 123 HP DeskJet 6940 printer connectivity method works identically, but there are some sole features that only comprised by individual connectivity method.

If you are using wireless method, there will be a unique advantage. Hook up the HP DeskJet 6940 printer to your computer, mobile device, or network using the following connectivity methods in your HP DeskJet 6940 printers. Some of the connectivity methods are Wireless connection method, USB connection method, and Wired or Ethernet connection method.

Wireless network connection in HP DeskJet 6940 printers

  1. Initialize the network connectivity by following the instructions given below.
  2. Some of the requirements include Service Set Identifier (SSID) which is also known as network name, WEP key or WPA security passphrase which is the network password, a computer with wireless network connection and an active internet connection.
  3. You can setup the wireless network connection after gathering all the necessary requirements.
  4. Instead of using other network connection, use the broadband network connection which is recommended by HP.
  5. Switch on the computer and HP DeskJet 6940 Keep your computer and printer both at the same network. Make sure you place your computer and printer in a way that the network connection is received sufficiently by both devices.
  6. Press the wireless button on the HP DeskJet 6940 printer control panel.
  7. Click Settings icon and click Wireless Setup wizard. Tag along the instructions to hook up your printer to the wireless network.
  8. Install the driver either from the installation CD or from the official HP website such as or
  9. Download and install the printer software and finish the wireless connection setup successfully.

USB connection in HP DeskJet 6940 printers

  1. Get to know about the HP DeskJet 6940 printer requirements to setup a USB connection. To connect the HP DeskJet 6940 printer in a USB connection, you need a USB cable not more than 3 meters of length.
  2. If you did not hook up the USB cable via the docking station, your printer might not work properly. To work in a proper manner, you need to use the USB port on your computer to hook up.
  3. Scrub out the earlier printer version installed on your Windows computer before setting up for the USB connection. Confiscate the USB cable.
  4. Click the Devices and Printer in the control panel settings in Windows. Find your printer model and right-click on it to get rid of the older version of the printer model.
  5. The driver installation is similar for all the connectivity methods. You need to install the HP DeskJet 6940 printer software. Type your printer model number and tag along the onscreen directives. You can also download the HP Easy Start app. Go for a printer connection option. Select the USB connection and complete the installation setup successfully.
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