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123 HP envy 5643 MAC Setup


HP Envy 5643 printer can be connected to Mac with the help of the instructions given below. Hook up your printer to your Mac computer without wasting your time and effort. Get to know about 123 HP Envy 5643 Mac setup by studying the information given below.

Wireless connection on HP Envy 5643 printer

  1. The printer should be connected in either HP Envy 5643 Mac wireless setup or USB setup. Initiate to congregate a few of the significant things to setup your HP Envy 5643 printer to Mac operating system.
  2. Network name also known as SSID, network password, a computer with an active internet connection and internet access
  3. HP suggests broadband internet connection such as DSL or cable for software downloads.
  4. Switch on your router, printer and computer. Make sure the router and computer are turned on and that the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you want to connect the printer.
  5. Cables such as USB or Ethernet cables should be removed from the printer.
  6. Hook up the printer to the wireless network. Make use of the wireless setup wizard to easily manage wireless connection on your computer.
  7. Press the Wireless icon on the printer control panel. Press the button next to Scroll down to the Wireless Setup Wizard and click Ok. The networks that are nearby will be displayed as list. If your network name is not listed, enter it by yourself.
  8. Press Enter New Network Name and click OK. Enter your network name accurately with apt lower case and upper case letters. If you fall short to enter correctly, the connection may also be unsuccessful.
  9. Enter the network name and click Done. If you are asked for network password, enter it. Finish the wireless network connection.

HP Envy 5643 printer software setup on Mac

  1. The HP Envy 5643 printer setup with Mac OS will be guided here. Download and install the latest version of your printer full feature software from the HP website.HP Envy 5643 mac driver should be download in order to utilize the advanced features of the printer.
  2. Go to Enter your printer model into the Enter your device's model number to beginbox. Choose your printer from the dropdown menu, and then click Begin. Click Download.HP Envy 5643 Mac driver download is available in Be sure to download the correct operating system like HP Envy 5643 Mac Yosemite.
  3. After the download completes, click the file named dmgin the browser downloads bar or in the download folder to initiate the installer.
  4. In the installer window, double click HP Inkjet SW.HP Ency 5643 Mac scan is a default feature and it should be enabled while software installation Follow the directives that is displayed on screen to finish the installation. When prompted, close the installation software. The HP Utility software opens.
  5. In the HP Utility Setup window, choose your printer name, and then click Continue. Click Add Printer. The Add window displays. Click the name of your printer. You must select the printer that has Bonjourlisted under Kind.
  6. Click the Useor Print Using menu, and then select the name of your printer in the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the name of your printer in the Use menu. Click Addto add the printer to the list. In the installer Add Printer window, click Continue.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printer setup.
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