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123 HP ENVY 5643 Printer SetUp Using HP ePrint

HP provides its users with many services which help them gain many advantages while using the HP printers, HP ePrint service is one of them. HP ePrint is a cloud based free web service considered to be the most safest and private service.

You need not install any extra drivers to use this service. You just need to connect to the HP connected with your email address and you will be getting a unique account. You will also have a unique email address for your HP Envy 5643 printer.


You just need to send the document that has to be printed to your printer’s mail address and that’s it. Your HP Envy 5643 printer will take care of the rest of things. The printer will print the attached file on the email.

No matter what your file type is such as MS word document, MS PowerPoint presentation, MS Outlook document, Adobe Acrobat file, Text file, HTML and image files like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and so on.

Now you can initiate the HP ePrint setup on your printer. Tag along the instructions given below to successfully complete the ePrint service.

123 HP ENVY 5643 Printer Setting Up Steps:

  • 1.     The first and foremost step is to detach the USB cable. If you have not detached the cable, ePrint is not going to work on your HP Envy 5643 printer.
  • 2.     Check the connectivity options that you have used to connect the HP Envy 5643 printer to a network such as Wired or Wireless network. Check whether the printer is hooked on to the Internet.
  • 3.     Now it’s time to switch on the Web services. Click the HP ePrint icon on your printer control panel or click Web Services Setup, Network Setup or Wireless Settings to open the Web Services menu based on your printer model number.
  • 4.     Turn on the Web services if you see the prompt to switch on Web services by clicking Turn On or Enable and follow the instructions that appear on screen to finish the setup.
  • 5.     Get the printer’s email address from the Make the Most of Your Printer or Important Printer Setup Instructions page.
  • 6.     Print the files by sending them as attachments. The printer’s email address should be filled in the To: field and if you have any recipients that are to be included, enter the email address in the Cc: field.
  • You should not attach more 10 attachments per email print job. You cannot print email attachments without the printing the email also.
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