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123 HP OfficeJet 4654 Printer Setup


HP OfficeJet 4654 printers are good and smooth printers with sophisticated technologies. Some of the features which make it extra special are wireless network connection, twin paper tray, ePrint, WPS etc. Officejet 4654 printer driver software download and setup can be easily done from

HP OfficeJet 4654 printer features:

You can use both wired and wireless network connection on your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer. There are several apps available for HP Officejet 4654 setup and install such as HP Smart app, HP ePrint, HP ePrint app, Amazon fire devices, Apple AirPrint, HP Print Service Plug-in, Mopria print service, NFC touch to print, Samsung Print service plug-in, Google cloud print, Wi-Fi Direct and Windows 10 mobile printing solutions. [mobile printing solutions].

HP Officejet 4654 printer setup can be done using the following methods

  1. HP Officejet 4654 wireless setup
  2. HP Officejet 4654 wired setup
  3. HP Officejet 4654 USB setup

HP Officejet 4654 wireless setup

Before HP Officejet 4654 printer setup, please make sure that:

  1. There is no physical connection to the printer to the home/office  network using a LAN (Ethernet) cable
  2. The wireless network in home/office is setup already and working fine.
  3. The printer and the computer should be connected to the same local network .

When you are ready with the prerequisites, you also need to have the wireless network name which is referred to as SSID and a wireless password. The wireless password can either be a WPA passphrase or WEP key.

HP Officejet 4654 Wireless setup wizard :

To setup wireless printing for HP Officejet 4654 printer, go to the control panel from the printer display.

  1. From control panel, touch wifi → Settings → Wireless Settings → Wireless Setup Wizard
  2. Follow the instructions on the display to complete the setup.

Once the printer is connected to the wireless network, download and install printer software from

Troubleshooting HP OfficeJet 4654 printer

HP OfficeJet4654 printer job stuck in queue
  1. If you are facing the above mentioned problem, read the below given instructions to clear the jobs in Print queue.
  2. If the job stuck problem is in hardware like paper jam or low ink issue or wrongly installed cartridges, this issue may occur in your printer.
  3. Check out your printer and your computer screen. Clear the error conditions or blinking lights if exists and try to print.
  4. Search for services.msc in the search box of your Windows computer and press enter key. Now you have to pick the Print Spooler from the services list. Restart it by clicking Restart the service and click Restart button. Try to print.
  5. If the problem persists, check the power connection status and restart the HP OfficeJet4654 printer. Turn off the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer and detach the power cords. Remove all the connection on printer and wait for a few seconds. Now you can restart the HP OfficeJet4654 printer.
  6. If the problem did not resolve, disconnect the USB cable from the printer if you are using USB connection. Try to use a different USB cable and print again.
  7. If you are using the network connection on your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer then utilize the power of HP Print and Scan doctor which helps to resolve the issue.
  8. If the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer is offline, print jobs will remain in queue until the printer becomes active again. Open the print queue window and check whether Pause Printing or use Printer Offline is not selected. If a checkmark is exhibited next to either item, pick the item to clear the check mark and try printing.
  9. If you go through these problems still, check whether your printer is selected as the default printer on your network. In Windows 10, search Web or Windows box on the taskbar and write control panel.
  10. In Windows 8 or 8.1 versions, click Settings, click Control panel and click View devices and Printers.
  11. In Windows 7and Windows Vista, click the Windows icon and click Devices and Printers. In Windows XP, click Start on the task bar. Then click control panel and double click Printers and Faxes.
  12. Click or tap Control panel and then hit View devices and Printer. Check whether the printer model is set as the default printer.

HP OfficeJet 4654 printer wired setup

  1. You need a network router, switch or hub with accessible Ethernet ports. Make sure you get an Ethernet cable and not a standard telephone cable.
  2. Switch on the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer and make sure the Ethernet port is clear at the rear end.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the printer port and install the printer software from
  4. When HP installation wizard is initialized on your printer, you need to select the connectivity method as Wired and cease the printer setup.

HP OfficeJet 4654 printer USB Printer setup

  1. Get ready with a USB cable less than 3 meters and keep your printer in a ready state. Make sure that you plug-in the USB cable only on the USB port.
  2. Visit and enter your printer model number. Alternatively go to for printer driver download.
  3. Finish the installation by following the instructions onscreen and select printer connection option as USB and complete the setup.
  4. Now your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer is ready to print, scan or fax and help you in printing the documents. Click here for mac setup.

HP OfficeJet 4654 printer Hardware setup

  1. Gear up to set your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer to work properly. You need to setup both hardware and software accessories properly.
  2. Take out the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer from the package and get rid of all the packing materials such as tapes and stickers.
  3. The power cord will have two ends; one end should be hooked up inside the rear of the printer and other end in an electrical outlet.
  4. Switch on the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer with the help of power button. Open the input tray, insert the paper. If you have any idea of changing the preferences like country and other regional settings, change your preferences in the control panel.
  5. Pop in the ink-cartridge by opening the printer door and also the ink cartridge door. Tri-color ink cartridge occupies the space in left and black takes the right slot of the cartridge.
  6. Insert the ink cartridge into its place and shut the access door. This is the final step in setting up the hardware of HP OfficeJet 4654 printer.

HP OfficeJet 4654 printer Software setup

  1. Start your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer software installation by gathering necessary requirements. If you are going to connect your printer on a wireless network, then go for the requirements like network name, network password, internet access and a computer with network connection.
  2. Always remember to detach the USB cable while installing the printer software. Switch on all your devices (printer and computer). Download the latest version of the printer software from or from
  3. After downloading the HP OfficeJet 4654 printer driver, run the file on your computer system and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. Click Settings icon on the HP OfficeJet4654 printer. Find the wireless icon on your printer control panel and click it.
  5. Choose any of the options such as fax, copy, scan or print from the Control panel and hit the OK button. The wireless network connection is now available on your printer. Relax now, you have finished setting up your printer and your printer is ready to use.
  6. If you get any problems or issues when using the printer functionalities, use the information given below. The information helps you to troubleshoot your HP OfficeJet 4654 printer.

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