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123 HP DeskJet 1010 Printer Setup


HP DeskJet 1010 is a reliable and pocket-friendly printer device, it makes the printing and sharing process easy. Achieve better print quality with HP ink cartridges. This printer device delivers great performance even under the extreme conditions. It has simple setup and installation process, HP DeskJet 1010 has single power button control and two sockets. A Socket is used for USB connection and the other for the power supply. It is the cheapest printer device that offers inkjet printing, a better choice for home office users. Delivers high quality print and graphics at high-quality draft mode. HP designed two separate cartridges to insert your black and Tri-Color cartridges. To summarize, is a value-for-money printer device that also offers better quality printing. Get regular update from 1010.

HP DeskJet 1010- UnPacking Process

  • To start with, open your printer package. HP delivers setup accessories like power cord, ink cartridges and driver Installation CD.
  • Set aside the packing materials, you can reuse the wrapping materials with 1010 HP support. Following that, pull out the printer device from the package and remove the Styrofoam end caps.
  • Slide out the input tray and get rid of the tape and other packing materials. Next, open the ink access door and remove the carboard piece.
  • Get HP support and recycle the packing materials.

HP DeskJet 1010 – 1010 Setup Process

  1. First, use the power cord and establish the power connection. Remove the twist tie and plug one end of the power cord to the printer device and the other end to the power source.
  2. Then, use the power button and Turn ON your printer device. Open the ink access door and insert the ink cartridges in their allotted slots. (ink cartridge installation process)
  3. Close the ink access door. After a While, Load a stack of paper into the input tray (paper loading process) and you can align the paper with paper width guide. (paper feed problem)
  4. Meanwhile, make sure that you are using the sheets of same size.

Printer Driver Installation Using CD

  • First, Load the software Installation CD. Your device automatically detects and run the setup.exe file. You can also get printer driver from 1010.
  • If the device fails to detect your CD, you can manually start the process with the search option.
  • The driver installation process involves 3 steps. First, the prepare step involves basic printer step.
  • Second, the connect process lists you the software that are going to be installed. Meanwhile, you can also use “ Customize Software Selection” option and download the preferred software.
  • Then, select “ Yes, I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements and settings” check box and click continue.
  • Following that, the device prompts you to establish the USB connection. Use the USB cable provided by the manufacturer and establish the connection.
  • After a while, the device automatically detects the USB cable and complete the connection process.
  • Now, the installer asks you to select the primary usage and the printer’s postal code. Enter the required field and then click Next.
  • Finally, click Continue Online to register your printer device with 1010 HP. Click here to know about build in printer driver.

Printer Driver Installation

  1. To start with, select system preferences under the apple menu. Click Print and Scan and use the (+) sign to add new printer device.
  2. Following that, set your protocol as HP Jetdirect-Socket and enter your device’s IP address in the "Printer that you want to add" field.
  3. Use the "Name" and “Location” field to differentiate the printer devices. Then, your tries to find a suitable printer driver for your device.
  4. Finally, you can add your printer device using the ADD button.

Troubleshooting 1010


Printer is Offline (Windows)

If the device fails to complete the printing process, check with your printer status. Use the following instructions to solve the offline error.

HP Print and Scan Doctor
  1. HP Print and Scan Doctor is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8. If you don’t use Windows 10 or Windows 8, skip this step.
  2. Now, open the HP Print and Scan Doctor and click Start. Select your printer device from the list. If the printer isn’t listed, use the Retry Option and establish the connection.
  3. Turn ON regular updates and set your printer device as default. At last, try to print if the issue is not resolved continue with the next step.
Relaunch the Printer Connection
  • Turn OFF your printer device and let it rest for 10 seconds, Unplug the power cord and other cable connection.
  • Then, turn OFF the device that you are using. If you are using wireless connection, reset your router device.
  • After a while, Turn ON your computer device and reestablish the power cord connection. Finally, Try to print if the issue is still not resolved continue the troubleshooting process with 1010 support.
Check your Default printer
  • To start with, search for Devices in the windows search. Choose Devices and Printers from the result page.
  • Then, Locate the printer device that is active. Right-click on the printer device and set it as Default Printer.
  • Finally, try to print, if the issue is still is not resolved get support from the Manufacturer.
Printer is Offline (Mac) 1010

These instructions help you to solve the Mac related issue.

Printer and Device 1010
  • If you are using USB connection, Turn OFF your printer device and wait for 5 seconds. Unplug the USB cable.
  • Now, Turn ON your printer device and the device might make some noise during the initialization process.
  • Wait for a while, reconnect the USB cable and try to print. If the process fails, continue the process.
  • Meanwhile, use the following instructions to solve the network connection problem. Turn OFF your printer device, let it rest for 10 seconds. Get regular updates from 1010.
  • Restart your printer and check whether the connection has restored. If not, restart your router device and make sure that the activity light is normal.
  • Now, restart your computer device and wait until it gets idle. Click System Preferences under the Apple menu.
  • Select Printers and Scanners, Print and Fax or Print and Scan. This option will differ depending on your operating system version.
  • Then, choose HP Printer from the printers List and select Open Printer Queue. If your printer device is available in the list, you are successfully connected to the network.
  • Try to print, if the issue is not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.

Restart your HP printer Device

  • To start with, your printer device should be idle and it should not make any sounds. Unplug the power cord and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Now, plug back the power cord and wait until the printer device gets active. If not, users can use the power button to Turn ON the device.
  • Finally, try to print and if the issue is still not resolved continue the troubleshooting process. Visit  our site 1010 and solve the issue.
Check with the Printer List

Locate and remove the idle printer devices from the list. Multiple printer device might result in problem.

  1. First, search for Print in the Mac search and choose Print& Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners from the list.
  2. Then, choose your printer device from the list. Remove all the extra printer devices with the (-) button. Choose a idle printer and set it as Default printer.
  3. Try to print, if the issue is not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.
Manage the Print Queue
  1. First, connect your Mac device to the internet. Choose your 1010 HP printer from the printers List. Then, delete the printer device with the (-) button.
  2. Now, click the Add button (+) and choose your printer device from the list. Then, click Add to add your printer device.
  3. Under the Use Drop-Down Menu, choose AirPrint or your printer device from the list. Your printer queue should be at idle status.
  4. Finally, Try to print if the issue is not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.
Restore the Printing
  1. To begin, Right-click on the blank space of the printers list and then select Reset Printing System. Now, click Reset in the Conformation Window.
  2. Following that, enter the network name and password and Click OK. Wait for a While, the printer list gets empty. Get more information from 1010
  3. Then, add your printer device to the list. Try to Print, if the issue is still not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.
Disable the IPv6 network connection
  1. You can Turn OFF the IPv6 with the EWS. Open the Web browser and enter the IP address in the address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Choose Network or Networking tab and choose the Preferred network type. Enable the IPv4 and click Apply to save the changes.
  3. Check with the Multicasting 1010
    1. For wireless connection, Multicasting should be active and supportive. So, Make sure that the multicasting is supported and enabled.
    2. If the new connection is active, then the problem is related to the computer. On the other hand, if the new connection fails, then try to establish different type of connection.
Troubleshoot Network and Connection problem

Troubleshoot a wireless connection

  1. Open the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility to diagnose and automatically fix wireless connection issues.
  2. Use HP online troubleshooting wizard to resolve wireless connection problems.
  3. Use HP online troubleshooting wizard to resolve antivirus issue or firewall prevention.

Troubleshoot a Wireless Direct connection

  1. Ensure that Wireless Direct light present on control panel is ON. If the light is OFF then press the Wireless Direct button to turn it ON.
  2. Enable the Wi-Fi Direct feature from your Computer or mobile devices and synchronize it with your Printer.
  3. When prompted enter the Wireless Direct password to establish connection.

Printer Hardware Problem

Unexpectedly Printer shuts down

  1. Check for the incoming Power and the Power ON button.
  2. If problem persist, Disconnect the Power cord and wait for 15 seconds and connect it to the wall outlet.
  3. Ensure there is no damage to the Power cord and is firmly fixed.

123 HP Deskjet Printer Performance

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