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123 HP DeskJet 3655 Printer Setup


DeskJet 3655 is an easy-to-use printer device that delivers great print quality output. It has two sockets; a socket to establish the USB connection and other socket to establish power connection. This simple and dedicated printer device has simple and neat design. Achieve great print quality with HP ink cartridges. Get support from 3655 and complete the installation and setup process. Comparatively delivers high-speed output at better quality. Use high capacity ink cartridges and achieve better quality printing. Then, HP provides one-year warranty and guidance to solve the technical issues. You can also find Driver Installation CD for both Windows and Mac. To Sum Up, HP DeskJet 3655 is an affordable printer device that delivers high-quality output; an ideal choice for school work.

123 HP DeskJet 3655: Unpacking Process

  • First, open the HP Deskjet 3655 package and you can find the basic accessories and other reference materials on the top of the package.
  • Get support from 3655 and recycle the wrapping materials. Use the bag’s handle and pull out the device from the package.
  • Here, you can find another set of reference material like start-here guide, warranty information on the top of the printer device.
  • Slide out the printer device from the bag. Then, gently peel-off the tape and other packing materials around the device.
  • Slide out the ink access door, pull out the tape and other packing materials. You can find printer related information on the ink access door.

HP DeskJet 3655: Setup Process

  1. To start with, establish the power connection with the power cord. Use the power button and turn ON your printer device.
  2. It is recommended to use the Wall Outlet to avoid power issues. Get more support from 3655.
  3. Open the ink access door, wait until the carriage move to the center of the door. Don’t touch ink nozzles and electrical contacts; carefully place them in the allotted slot.
  4. Then, load a stack of paper into the input tray. Use the paper width guide for the paper alignment. (paper feed problem)


Printer Driver Installation Using CD

  • First, load software Installation CD in the drive and run setup.exe file. Click Yes in the User Account Control Window and continue the process.
  • In general, the driver installation process takes 3 steps. First, the prepare setup is of basic 3655 printer setup process.
  • Second, the connect step lists you the software that are going to be installed. Use the Customize software selection option and choose the software that you want to install.
  • Then, accept the installation terms and agreements and choose the connection type. Finally, the activate step lets you to register the printer device.
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection before starting the registration process. For regular driver update, visit 3655. (build in printer driver)

Working with Ink Cartridges

To Check Ink Levels
  1. Ink Level Indicator helps you to the evaluate the ink level of the cartridges. They simplify the refill and replacement process.
  2. First, open the printer software and click Estimated Ink levels. The Ink Level report gives estimate about the amount of remaining ink. Get support from the 3655 manufacturer and complete the replacement process.
Replace the Ink Cartridges
  1. First, turn ON your printer device and load paper (paper loading process) into the input tray. Then, open the cartridge door and wait until the carriage move to the center.
  2. Press down the ink cartridge and remove it from the slot. To insert new cartridges, get ink cartridges from the package and gently peel off the protective tape.
  3. Slide in the ink cartridges and close the ink cartridge door. Generally, your device prints out an aligned page after installing ink cartridges.
Single-Cartridge 3655
  1. Generally, your Printer device requires two ink cartridges to complete the printing process. Here, we are going to operate the printer device with single cartridge.
  2. First, remove one of the ink cartridges from the device and send a printing request. Your device might display an error message stating that the ink cartridge is missing. (offline error)
  3. Now, press OK and clear the error message. Generally, the black cartridge gives color print in grayscale. On the other hand, the tri-color cartridge gives normal color print and lighter black print.
Cartridge Warranty Information
  1. HP simplifies the whole cartridge replacement process with the warranty support. It supports the replacement process only if the cartridge was installed in the HP Printer device.
  2. On the Other hand, it does not support the HP Products that have been refilled or reused. Visit 3655 to get more information about the replacement process.
  3. HP Provides support and service only for specified warranty period, you can find the warranty date on ink cartridge.

HP DeskJet 3655: Paper Jam

Paper Jam stuck the printing process, your device stops the job abruptly and fails to give response to the incoming requests. On the Other Hand, the power and attention light might start to blink. Here, we gave set of solutions to solve the Paper Jam issue.

Genuine Ink Cartridges

HP recommends you to use genuine ink and toner supplies. You can’t claim for warranty or refill process if you use non-HP cartridges. Visit the 3655 manufacturer’s site and get information about the authenticity.

Check with the Input Tray

It is not recommended to leave the unused photo paper in the input tray. It might result in some reaction between the rollers and photo paper. It might print out lines or mark on the unused photo paper.



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