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An entry level All-in-one printer device that supports built-in faxing, automatic duplexing and scanning. With the Automatic Document feeder, you can easily handle the multi-page documents. It has simple design with 2.2-inch monochrome screen and few button controls for home and back. This printer device uses 2-inch swings out arm which can make the body as the output tray. Additionally, it has automatic paper sensor that senses the load type and size. You can give response by pressing OK on the control panel, this printer device delivers comparatively better output. On the Other hand, you can easily reduce the noise level with the quiet-mode feature. HP OfficeJet 6500a delivers photo print with high-quality and it takes comparatively less time to complete the 6500a printing process. To summarize, HP OfficeJet 6500a delivers lot of features at low price and delivers high quality output at faster rate.

HP OfficeJet Printer Setup

  1. HP Officejet 6500a wireless setup
  2. HP Officejet 6500a wired setup
  3. HP Officejet 6500a USB setup

HP OfficeJet – UnBoxing Process

First, open the printer package and take out the accessories from the package. In general, your printer device provides general accessories like USB cable, power cord, ink cartridges and software installation CD along with the package.

  1. Take out the accessories and set aside the packing materials. With HP support, you can easily recycle those wrapping items.
  2. After that, use the plastic cover and pull out the printer device from the package. Remove the Styrofoam end caps and slide the printer device from the plastic cover.
  3. Next, remove the tape and other wrapping materials around the printer device. Lift the scanner lid and take out the Styrofoam sheet.
  4. Open the ink access door and take out the carboard piece and other packing materials inside the device. Visit 6500a to get more information about the accessories
  5. Now, slide out the input tray and gently peel off the tape materials. Use the paper width guide for the alignment process. 6500a- Setup Process

  1. First, use the power cord and establish the power connection. Connect one end of the power cord to the printer device and then other end to the power source.
  2. Try using the wall outlet to avoid the power issues. After the power cord connection, turn ON your printer device with the power button.
  3. During the initialization, the device asks you select the basic preferences like time & date, Country/Region and the language. Click OK to confirm the basic settings.
  4. Now, the device prompts you to install the ink cartridges. Open the ink access door and install the ink cartridges in their allotted slots. For ink cartridges replacement process, visit 6500a.
  5. Wait for a while, your printer device acknowledges the cartridge installation process with the “Thank you installing a genuine ink cartridges” message.
  6. Press OK and slide out the input tray and load sheets. Tap a stack of A4 sheets to align it properly and side it into the input tray.
  7. Your automatically prints out an aligned page. Take that aligned page and place it on the scanner bed and carry out the scanner process.
  8. After the scanning process, device displays alignment successful or alignment Failed message. If it displays alignment failed message get the 6500a manufacturer support and solve the issue.

HP Printer Driver Installation Using CD

  1. First, load Printer Driver installation CD into the drive. Usually, 6500a manufacturer gives software installation CD for both Windows and Mac users.
  2. Wait for a while, your device automatically recognizes the setup.exe. If not, you can manually open it by browsing through the device.
  3. Then, click yes in the User Account Control window to start the driver installation process. The driver installation process takes 3 steps.
  4. First, prepare step is of basic printer setup. After completing the basic setup, click next to get into the process. Refer the 6500a manufacturer’s site and get regular driver update.
  5. Second, connect step gives you quick preview or information about the software that are being installed. Use the “Customize software selection” option to make some changes on the software selection.
  6. The Device asks you to choose the connection type. Select the "I have reviewed the installation agreements and conditions" check box and click next.
  7. After that, the device asks you basic information like the printer’s postal code for the location and the printer’s primary location.
  8. Finally, the activate step lets you to connect your printer device with the 6500a HP.


Updating Printer Driver- Mac

  1. To update the Printer Driver, click system preferences under the apple menu. Then, select Printers and Scanners in the System Preferences windows.
  2. On the Printers and Scanners Window, you can find the list of printer devices that lies within the range.
  3. If the preferred device isn’t listed, use the (+) option to add the printer device. 6500a HP recommends you to re-establish the connection.
  4. First, Use the minus (-) sign to delete the printer device and click yes to confirm the process. Then, use the (+) sign and click add printer or scanner to add the printer device.
  5. After that, the ADD window gives you list of preferred printer devices. Select your printer device in the use drop-down menu and click Add to complete the process.

Wireless Network 6500a

To start the process, you have to establish an active connection between your printer and the computer device. Here, we gave instructions to set up the wireless connection.

  1. First, press the wireless icon on your printer device. In the wireless window, you can get information about the wireless network status.
  2. Tap the settings (gear-like) icon, tap wireless setup wizard from the list of available option. Your printer scans and displays you list of available wireless networks.
  3. Select the preferred network from the list and tap OK. If prompted, enter the needed information like network password using the On-screen Keyboard and click OK.
  4. After that, your device validates the wireless network information and establishes the wireless network connection. Get more information about the Wireless Protected setup from 6500a.
  5. In the Connection Successful screen, you can find the wireless network details like the IP address, Network name and Host name.

123 HP OfficeJet 6500a- Troubleshooting Process

Power Connection

If the device fails to give response to the startup action, you might want to check with the power cord and the power button on the device.

Power Cord
  1. First, make sure that the printer device is connected to the fully functioning power outlet. It is easy to check the functionality.
  2. Trying connecting other electronic devices to the same power outlet that is being used by the printer device.
  3. If other devices work well, the power outlet is working properly you need to check with power flow of the printer device.
Power Button
  1. In general, your device should get started after pressing the power button. Press and give gentle pressure on the device’s power button.
  2. If the device isn’t started, get the “Button Replacement support” from the 6500a and carry to the replacement process.

Print Jam

If the Device abruptly stops the printing process, you need to check for the paper jam and make sure that there is proper power flow.

Paper Jam

The Paper jam might occur at multiple places, you need to check all the parts to avoid the problem. First, check the input tray. Remove all the papers from the input tray using your hands and use the torch device and take out the torn pieces. Next, to check inside the device, turn OFF your printer device and lift the scanner glass and check for the inner jam.

Stability of the Power Connection

An active power flow is important to carry to printing process. If there is a fault or error in the power cord connection, your device might fail to carry out the process.

Prints Blank Pages

Low Ink Cartridges

  1. Get the estimated ink levels of your printer device and try to replace the ink cartridges of the printer device.
  2. First, touch the ink icon on your printer’s control panel it gives the estimated ink level report. Replace black cartridge if the black ink is at level or vice versa.
  3. Get the 6500a manufacturer’s support to carry out the process.

Cartridge Brand

HP recommends to use the genuine ink cartridges to achieve better quality output. Your printer device might get compatibility or other quality related if you use non-HP ink cartridges. Refer 6500a and replace the non-HP ink cartridges.

Clogged Cartridges

If the ink levels are high and the device is at idle state, it may result in clog on the print head. HP recommends you to use the printer device for at least once in a week to avoid the clog issue. Visit the manufacturer’s site to get information about the clogged printhead.

Inactive Touchscreen

Broken Screen

If the screen is been broken or damaged, it might fail to give proper response to the user’s request. Get the manufacturer’s support and replace the broken screen.

Motionless Screen

If the Device fails to give to interactive response to request and stays motionless, try restarting the printer device. First, turn OFF the printer device and unplug the power cord. Wait for a while, try reconnecting the power cord and re-establish the printer connection. If the issue is still not resolve, get the 6500a support and replace the printer’ screen


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